Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Intro

So I gotta start off somewhere. So why not here. I've just finished my first year in the animation program at Seneca. It's living the dream. Though I'm still not that good yet, but it's the a start. I love animation and being in the program has made me appreciate it even more.
The love of cartoons started it out with waking up early to watch my Saturday morning cartoons. I grew up on mostly shows from the 80's and early 90's. I know that they weren't the best of cartoons at the time but I've loved them then and I haven't stopped.
From that then drawing came. I started by copying from Tiny Toon books and TMNT cartoon books. There was this one book about Donatello where he met a cartoonist who had a crystal that made everything he drew come to life. That's my little origin story.
Now I can appreciate the art behind it all - the overlapping actions, the dynamic posing, the way a hand settles when a glove is slowly being pulled off. I watch animations now and I'm seeing things that no one else is seeing, well except for other animators. Animation is my little secret.
That's my lame intro. I finish off now with a where I was with my art. Hopefully I'll start posting new stuff just to see where I am.

Portrait of Julia Stiles I did in high school. I had a huge crush on her.

The Donatello I did when I was at Humber. I could only draw skinny figures.
I used to have a thing for drawing eyes. This was done at work when I was bored.


Nooree K said...

eww..who has a crush on julia it because you saw her on Save the last dance?...i didnt like that movie mainly because i thought she sucked at dancing...Any waysss, nice cross hatching on that eye :D

Anonymous said...

yay! you got a blog! =) nice intro post hehe. looking forward to seeing your recent work!

~ Thea

Dave GO said...

Your life story was too long... I didn't read it =\.

Hope you enjoyed the spam.